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Meet The Woman Who Gets Mistaken For Meghan Markle Four Times A Day

By KK Angus, 14 June 2018


11Is her dress better?

Interestingly, Meghan’s dress was criticised by the fashion police for being too plain and boring. Meghan’s Givenchy gown also did not fit her well, which is why people were quite upset with her as she did not showcase her stellar figure. But Danielle’s dress is very stylish and well-fitted. Not only is the detailing beautiful, but it’s also very modern. Whereas Meghan’s dress was pretty archaic.

Is her dress better?

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12She didn’t like Meghan’s dress either

Even Danielle is not a fan of Meghan’s wedding dress. She says that Meghan looked beautiful on her wedding day, but her dress could have been better. But Meghan’s veil made her think that she, too, would have loved to add a veil to her wedding look.

She didn’t like Meghan’s dress either

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13Danielle’s father was there


Remember all the drama surrounding Meghan’s father? Thomas Markle could not be a part of his daughter’s Royal wedding as he was recovering from a heart attack, but her lookalike Danielle’s dad was present at her wedding. “My dad walked me down the aisle and that was the perfect moment but I really admired how Meghan walked almost the whole way by herself. It was such a statement,” Danielle said.

Danielle’s father was there

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14Elegant and modern

Danielle says that her wedding might have been less high-profile than Meghan’s, but it was modern and elegant. There was a substantial glamour quotient about her wedding. In fact, her husband even gave her a Rolex watch before the ceremony began.

Elegant and modern

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15What people say to her

Danielle reveals that she is stopped by people everywhere. She and her husband were once in a Gucci outlet in Dallas and the sales associates came out to meet her. "On Friday I was standing in the grocery store line and this old lady in front of me had a magazine with Meghan on it. She started doing a double take and said 'Has anyone ever told you..' but I just finished her sentence for her,” she said.

What people say to her

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