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18 Hilarious Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a German Shepherd

By Christopher Paul, 12 June 2018


4They Won’t Help You

They Can’t Show Love

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Imagine having a huge dog like that but you still have to do everything by yourself. That’s just more work. What is the use of a dog that can’t do anything to help its owner and especially a dog of that size?

5They Can’t Show Love

A pet, over time, is supposed to love its owner and their family. So, what good is a dog that can’t do it? Imagine having children at home with a dog like this present, that can’t show affection towards the baby and protect it.

They Aren’t Cute

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6 They Aren’t Cute


I mean look at it, do you think that is cute? Seriously? Those rabbit-like ears, pearl-shaped eyes filled with innocence and wonder. Those small paws and a face that says “I’m going to lick you till you smile!” Is that cute?

They Destroy Everything

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7They Destroy Everything

Can you imagine leaving this huge beast alone at home with all your important files and equipment? You’ll come home to see your house in ruins and completely damaged. There won’t be anything left and it’ll be entirely this creature’s fault.

Did Me Mention They’re Scary?

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8Did Me Mention They’re Scary?

Again who would want such scary looking, not to mention dangerous dog as a pet? Especially with a family? If you live out in the middle of nowhere alone then sure. But with a family? This scary and dangerous creature?

They Can’t Entertain Themselves

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