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Top 25 Most Expensive Dog Breeds In The World - 2021 Updated

By Andrew Alpin, 9 February 2018


We all know how dogs can be expensive especially if you are going to choose the breeds that feature on any list of most expensive dogs in the world. How do you determine a most expensive dog? One shouldn’t only go by the price tag but also by the healthcare and maintenance costs. Taking care of dogs isn’t cheap especially if you are truly taking care of them in terms of diet, healthcare and medication like vaccines etc. In respect of these factors, here are 25 of the world’s most expensive dogs with prices on an approximate for puppies.

25Kerry Blue Terrier


Starting with the Kerry blue terrier, this isn’t very costly but still, cost a good $600 to purchase. Grooming costs average $60 with healthcare that might rise to an average of $7000 throughout its 12-15 year lifespan.

highcompress-Kerry Blue Terrier

Image Source: www.alamy.com

24Yorkshire Terriers


A Yorkie as they are also known doesn’t cost much. You can get one for $600 but these little dogs that live between 13-16 years can be among the high-cost dog breeds because of their health problems like knee or eye issues that will set you back by an average of $9,800 in healthcare. It isn’t a big shedder so maintenance for grooming will be $31 per session.

Yorkshire Terriers

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Akita is a nice friendly family dog that costs about $800 and lives between 11 to 15 years. With a shedding time during spring and fall, you may have to shell out $62 per grooming session. Typical health issues that plague an Akita are hip dysplasia, knee injuries and skin problems which may cost an average of $4,500 in healthcare making it among costliest dogs to maintain.


Image Source: www.pets4homes.co.uk

22Chow Chow


A Chow Chow is slightly higher at $900 and has a life expectancy of 8-12 years. A medium sized Chow Chow will incur a grooming cost of around $90 per session. Average healthcare for a Chow Chow could be anything up to $11,000 making it one of the high-priced dogs in the world in terms of maintenance.

Chow Chow

Image Source: www.topteny.com

21Bernese Mountain Dog


This is a well-known show dog which makes a good family pet. The Bernese mountain dog costs $800 but has a short lifespan of 7-10 years. It may face elbow and hip dysplasia or aseptic meningitis although there is no reason to feel that it will get the disease. Healthcare costs average about $6,500 with grooming at $70 per session.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Image Source: www.petsworld.in


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