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Why You Should Decorate Your Home with Metal Print Photos

By AK, 14 October 2019


Art and photography have been widely popular choices of decor since their invention. It’s not a secret that people are fond of adding a personal flair to home decor because it gives an intimate look into the household’s life.

By using personal pictures, you can define your individuality in a community. Nowadays, metal prints Canada have been dominating the interior design market because the pros outweigh the cons in every medium.

1Make Your Metal Print Photos Last Longer

The problem with photos, prints, and artwork is that most aren’t meant to last forever. Most can’t withstand the wear and tear of being displayed daily. Calamities and the passage of time become a major cause of deterioration as well.

Photo paper and art paper are usually made with an archival base. This involves adding chemicals to create a white sheet. However, these chemicals react to air and slowly turn your prints yellow when left exposed for some time.

Unless the acid-free paper is used, this effect cannot be avoided. Regardless, the quality of the material also makes it susceptible to warping and bulking.

Framing your piece can be an alternative solution, but it limits the versatility of your photos due to the border and thickness. Plus, the glass exterior makes it feel more distant and less personal.

Make Your Metal Print Photos Last Longer

Image Source: www.mementopress.com

2Metal Prints are Fast Becoming A Trend in Canada

Metal prints Canada have been such a popular option lately because of their lasting quality. Metal prints are photos, artworks, or images infused into aluminum panels. They offer the advantage of smooth, high definition, and vibrant photos that won’t quickly tarnish or damage.

The quality of the paper and the restrictions of framing are also invariable aspects of metal prints. They are highly customizable, and they give you the freedom to edit and layout the photos before printing.

As such, a metal print allows you to choose your preferred finish, whether glossy or matte. You can even top metal prints with resin afterward for an extra smooth and glass-like appearance.

Above all, metal prints are waterproof and scratch-resistant, giving them the durability, longevity, and freedom of customization that other mediums cannot afford. The photos last for years, and your metal prints will last longer than intended.

Metal Prints are Fast Becoming A Trend in Canada

Image Source: cloudfront.net

3Turn Your Precious Photos into Metal Prints


There are lots of metal print options, including Canvas & Decor who offer HD quality finishes online. This makes the printing and delivery process as simple as ordering from e-commerce websites.

However, don’t be fooled. Just because they’re called “metal,” it doesn’t mean that they’re hollow. These prints look like canvas panels but are much smoother and more durable. They can be mounted in many ways, depending on the look that you’re going for.

However, some mounting methods that include built-in screws may require you to select an option to add them when ordering metal prints. So plan out your preferred look before making a purchase.

As these prints are extremely high quality, you will also need to provide high-resolution photos when printing, especially for larger images. Whether it’s a photo of your puppy or your favorite artwork prints, offer limitless possibilities of customization.

Aside from a quality finish, metal prints require low maintenance. They add a personal flair to every room of your home, making any corner intimate with pictures that you love.

Turn Your Precious Photos into Metal Prints

Image Source: www.pictorem.com


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