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13 Weird Pets That People Dared to Keep in History

By Meera Kaushal, 23 May 2018


5Elvis Presley and his pet Wallaby

The King actually had a variety of pets and the list is surely going to shock you. In his lifetime, he owned a turkey named Bowtie, chickens, donkey, mynah bird, horses, a chimpanzee, a squirrel monkey, a number of dogs and a wallaby. His Australian Fans had sent him the wallaby, with which he used to hang out on the sets of ‘Jailhouse Rock.’ He later sent the wallaby to Memphis Zoo.

Elvis Presley and his pet Wallaby

Image Source: pinimg.com


6A llama found a home

This picture was taken when this llama was three-years-old, in 2009. Socke the llama has been living with her owner Nicole Doepper in Germany. Socke had suffered a leg amputation in her early days owing to an injury she endured because of some other animals. She has been happily living with Nicole since her birth.

llama found a home

Image Source: brightside.me


7Princess the Pony


Princess was the name given to this Shetland Pony, which used to happily share meals with her owners. Her playful antics worked as a therapy for Clarissa, who had been suffering from cerebral palsy. This photograph was taken in the month of August in 2004.

Princess the Pony

Image Source: dlyakota.ru


8The Big Buffalo

In this picture, taken on 11th February, 2004, you can see the pet buffalo of Jim Sutner. Bailey D. Buffalo was raised by the Sutner family from the time when he was just a calf. They loved him a lot, which is evident from the fact that he could enter their house on a daily basis.

The Big Buffalo

Image Source: ww.pawannabe.com



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