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Watch the Scariest Video on YouTube That Will Make You Dizzy or Freaked Out

By Andrew Alpin, 17 April 2017


Call it a one way ticket to doom, suicidal, death defying or just plain crazy, whatever you label it, the freaky stunts you see in this video touted as the scariest video on YouTube is nothing short of insane.

Although many may agree with me that these foolhardy people are just risking too much because after all life is precious but you have to give them credit for their agility and acrobatic abilities. Hanging from a ledge of a skyscraper while looking so confident means that they are certainly confident of what they do because they possess the skills to do so.

1 This video can give you vertigo

Check out this video which of course isn’t scary in the sense of a horror show but it can certainly make you dizzy especially if you have a fear of heights. The sheer magnitude of the stunts is enough to call it the scariest video on youtube and it isn’t for the fainthearted because just watching it will make you go GULP!

scariest video

Image Source: hasgoneviral.com

2 The thrill factor is now in extremes that give you a double adrenaline high

The thrill factor

Image Source : www.youtube.com

Extreme sports are the latest trend nowadays and the young generation is tired of course of the old usual bungee jumps or even paragliding or base jumping. It’s less adventure and more thrill factor. Now the latest thrill sure to give you an adrenaline boost is hanging of a skyscraper or even riding your BMX on a thing ledge between really tall buildings. It sure deserves to be called the scariest video on youTube and you’ll just be mind blown or freaked out nothing more dangerous than that. Seriously though, it’s worth a watch.

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