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Are you a genius and you don’t even know about it? Here are the signs which say that you are an actual genius!

By Afsana Khatoon, 1 May 2017


A genius is somebody who is exceptionally good in something he does. This very exceptional skill that he/she possesses, separates him/her from all other normal human beings. Sometimes, these skills are present in the genes of the person and sometimes training overtakes inborn talents. At the end of the day, what matters is whether you know if you are a genius. This not only would give you a boost to your self-confidence, but also will make you utilize your caliber to the full extent. Until you know that you are a genius, you would probably never act like a genius and unless you act like a genius and make your thoughts become reality once and for all, you would never be known by the world as a genius. A son and a wife of a millionaire is a millionaire but probably you are reading this because you are not a son or a wife of a millionaire and you want an upgrade. If you are a genius, that update is available for you. Utilising yourself is all that you need to do, if you are already a genius. So, without any further ado, let’s begin with the list.


1 You have a voracious curiosity

Genius people always have the eagerness in them to know about anything and everything they come across. If you spend most of your day, basically wanting to know something, then congratulations, you are a genius.

You have a voracious curiosity

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2 Mental challenges are welcome

There are a few of the people who love puzzles and riddles. Trying to prove others wrong and having a caliber to do so, makes you a genius. If you like to debate against stupid people for their stupid logics without planning to shut your mouth up before they agree that they were wrong, then you are a true genius and you have the capability of making people agree to the truth!

Mental challenges are welcome

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3 Liberality

If you like to make changes in your life by adapting new routine and new lifestyle or making something new up, then you are proved to be a genius. You don’t need to make a change in others’ life to be proven as a genius. You are not a president.


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