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15 Unusual Ways The Royal Family Make its Money

By KK Angus, 27 June 2018


With every Royal wedding comes the criticism of the royal wedding budget. Recently, after the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Royal family received a lot of flak for the spending. From Hollywood guests to Meghan's 100,000 pounds Givenchy wedding dress, everything in the wedding was top-notch and very, very expensive. But how does the royal family earn its living? You might think it's a stupid question, considering they are royals. But where exactly is the cash coming from?

From private jets to designer dresses to some seriously flamboyant jewelry, the Royals have it all. But how do they afford it all? What do their titles fetch them exactly? In short, how does it work? It was reported recently that the royal family runs on an annual budget which exceeds $350 million. That's a lot of money. But running a monarchy is not easy, cheap or in any way economical. So, how do the Queen and her clan keep up with the royal spendings? Let's find out.

1The royal wedding


The royal wedding which took place this May attracted a lot of attention to the Royal family's spending habits. Needless to say, a functioning monarchy has a lot to answer for in 2018, when the people question everything. The Royal wedding had everything, A-listers like George Clooney and David Beckham as wedding guests, a seriously expensive and couture wedding number, an equally spectacular reception gown, and a lot more. The royal wedding though simply styled, was quite an elaborate affair. Royal subjects now have a new royal to criticize whenever they get the chance - Meghan Markle.

The royal wedding

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2Meghan could try to learn from Kate


Kate Middleton was the first to earn a reputation as an economical royal. Not only is she delightfully thrifty but she repeats her outfits whenever she gets a chance. Moreover, her simple, fuss-free and chic style has earned her a lot of praise. And Kate really does know how to work her way around minimal fashion. Meghan, whose royal wardrobe is already garnering a lot of unwanted scrutiny could take a lesson or two from Kate's book, as it would only help her in the future.

Meghan could try to learn from Kate

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3The sovereign grant


The Queen receives a grant which is sourced from the treasury, which is in turn run with the taxpayers' money. In return, Queen Elizabeth II gives away 15 % of the profits to the government which she makes from her estate. Interestingly, in 2013, the estate of the Crown acquired a profit which exceeded 267 million pounds. This sovereign grant reportedly funds the main upkeep of the royal household. Yes, everything from the morning tea to cocktails to the dress and the shoes, the salary of the staff, the travel etc.

The sovereign grant

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4The Privy purse


A Privy purse is basically the Queen's income. It entails 45,600 acres of land. This includes the revenues from the estate dealings and the residential agreements. But besides the Privy purse, the Queen also enjoys a stellar personal fortune, courtesy of being you know... the Queen. She enjoys a fortune of more than $400 million dollars, which is obviously a huge deal. The Privy purse and the personal income make up for some of the most reliable sources of income for the royal family.

The Privy purse

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5What the Queen said


Sir Alan Reid, the Keeper of the Privy Purse, had once revealed that the Queen is adamant about keeping her household expenses in check. “The Queen is very keen that the Royal Household should continue to reduce its expenditure in line with public expenditure reductions. It will be very difficult for overall expenditure to reduce very much further without impacting on the Royal Household’s activities in support of the Queen and the long-term health of the estate,” he said.

What the Queen said

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