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15 Unusual Ways The Royal Family Make its Money

By KK Angus, 27 June 2018


11All that travel

You might have read reports about British people grumbling whenever the Royals travel all around the world. This is because their travels, however extensive, are funded by the Sovereign Grant, which is sourced from taxpayers' money. The Royals visit several countries through the course of a single year, from France to India to Canada. In 2017, the Royals spent around $5 million for official travels. Needless to say, their subjects do not always approve.

All that travel

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12Let's talk about the jewellery

It might hardly come as a shock to you but the Royal family owns a lot of jewels. In fact, some of the jewellery in their collection is so rare that they are absolutely priceless. The Great Star of Africa, for instance, is the biggest clear-cut diamond in the entire world and it might cost something close to $65 million today. This is just one example. The Royal family owns so many jewels, crowns, bejeweled swords and weaponry that their combined cost can be something near $ 3 billion.


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13All the castles


The Royal family owns a huge number of castles, besides Sandringham and Balmoral which are personal properties. Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace, Barnwell Manor, Wren House, Hillsborough Castle, Clarence House, Holyroodhouse, Kensington Palace, Bagshot Park and St. James’s Palace are just some of the castles they own. But of course, these aren't exactly assets as they can never be sold by the Royals. Besides the royal retreats in Sandringham and Balmoral, the properties which the Royals can sell are Craigowan Lodge, Highgrove House, Delnadamph Lodge, Tamarisk, Birkhall and Anmer Hall.

All the castles

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14They are landlords

Do you know the Royal family is the biggest and the most influential landlords in Great Britain? They own an amazing number of properties, the combined worth of them might add up to $ 20 million. Although just 58 % of that is actually real estate. It was revealed this year that their real estate empire is worth almost $ 18 billion, which is quite astonishing when you think about it.

They are landlords

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15The art

The Royal family obviously owns some excellent original artwork, which are outrageously expensive. It has been reported that the Royal family owns the biggest private art collection in the world. From Johannes Vermeer's 1660 piece The Music Lesson to Andrea Mantegna's 15th-century piece Triumph of Caesar: The Vase Bearers, the royal artwork collection is stunning. The collection boasts of 30,000 watercolors, 7,000 paintings, and 500,000 prints.

The art

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