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16 Unexpected and Unusual Uses for Everyday Items That Are Truly Genius

By Andrew Alpin, 20 June 2018


Sometimes the ordinary things at home may be so useful that you may be surprised at the number of applications you can use them for. Bottle caps, beverage can tabs and whatnots can be used in situations where you may not have the correct item on hand yet these may work just as good. Here are 15 uses of everyday items that only a genius must have thought up and so we share the same ideas with you today.

1Tongs for squeezing citrus fruit

Given the fact that this needs a juicer, but what happens if you don’t have a juicer at home? Tongs work perfectly well where you can use the midsection of the tongs to apply the right amount of pressure to squeeze citric fruits like lemons. It works perfectly.

Tongs for squeezing citrus fruit

Image Source: takprosto.cc

2Breadbox charging station

Now this is a fantastic idea and whoever thought it up deserves an inventor’s award for ingenuity. This is just a breadbox that has been converted into a multi-socket device charging station. It is simply fantastic and solves the problems of all homes with multiple devices.

Breadbox charging station

Image Source: tyisho.com

3Hang pictures with soda can tabs


If you don’t have nails, or tacks or any mean to hang up your pictures, simply use the tabs of a soda can. In fact now that you know this, you can keep those tabs for different purposes where they may soon come in handy.

Hang pictures with soda can tabs

Image Source: tyisho.com

4Cool method to cool water

This is truly a great idea and makes you think why you didn’t think of it before. Just fill your water bottle half-way with water and then freeze it by keeping it on its side. Obviously ice collects lengthways leaving half the entire bottle free. Now just fill the empty half with water and enjoy.

Cool method to cool water

Image Source: misteriosdomundo.org

5Make a seat with belts

When an old seat seems in dire repair, there s no need to get rid of it. Just give it a coat of fresh paint and then use colored belts to give it an entirely new handcrafted look. As you can see, the method is great for upcycling your old chairs.

Make a seat with belts

Image Source: misteriosdomundo.org

6Make a trash can from a cereal container


Did you realize that those cereal containers you throw away could be useful too? Just turn one of them preferably a larger one into a trash can which you can use in your car. Instead of friends and family leaving empty beverage cans and tissues on the floor of the car, now you can get it placed in the trashcan.

Make a trash can from a cereal container

Image Source: misteriosdomundo.org

7A kinder container for your earphones

Now doesn’t this sound a like a cool way to keep your earphones? Instead of throwing away kinder eggs, use them for keeping your headphones. In fact, this is a cool way to avoid losing your headphones or having to untangle them each time you use them.

A kinder container for your earphones

Image Source: tyisho.com

8Turn a guitar into a wall shelf

If you want to give your home a music theme and have an old guitar to spare, then that would make a fantastic wall shelf. All it requires is a bit of DIY by removing one side of the guitar shell and a few hacks here and there and you have a neat guitar wall shelf.

Turn a guitar into a wall shelf

Image Source: misteriosdomundo.org

9Old camera lamp


This camera lamp will give your home a true vintage look with a bit of old world charm due to the old cameras that make up the support of the lamp. It will look neat anywhere and you can add the amount of cameras you wish. There is no need to use functioning cameras and it is more sensible to make it with damaged cameras whose bodies are ok.

Old camera lamp

Image Source: tyisho.com

10Bookshelf organizer with plastic bottle

This is another stroke of genius where you just need to cut open plastic detergent bottles neatly as per the given shape and turn them into a book organizer. You could keep small files too and is a brilliant way to save money on stationary accessories.

Bookshelf organizer with plastic bottle

Image Source: www.diyspro.info

11Mug sweater

This is hilarious but at the same time a brilliant idea. Instead of having to warm you hot beverages at home umpteen times in winter, keep it warm with a warm sock mug sweater fashioned from one of your old woolen socks. Just place a lid on it and it’ll be good to go. This is an unusual but very practical idea.

Mug sweater

Image Source: www.meowgag.com

12Tic Tac containers


Did you ever think even your Tic Tac containers had a purpose. Yes, instead of discarding them, you could use them as neat little containers to store ribbons and other small knick-knacks. They make perfect cute organizers.

Tic Tac containers

Image Source: www.meowgag.com

13Thread spool box

When you like embroidery and prefer stitching your own tears and repairs, keeping spools of thread can be tricky if you haven’t organized them. They can get misplaced easily. This is a great way to keep them all in one place. All you need are some nails and a nice sturdy box. Follow these instructions.

Thread spool box

Image Source: tyisho.com

14Make your own garden sprinkler

When you have a water connection on your lawn or garden, why waste money buying some fancy sprinkler when you create your own. Just use a bottle as shown in the instructions and voila, you have your own garden sprinkler.

Make your own garden sprinkler

Image Source: tyisho.com

15Natural remedy for toenail fungus


Ok, this sounds weird but you can use your own mouthwash as a remedy for toenail fungus. Foot fungus is a common thing in the USA. You can use Listerine for several purposes because of its antiseptic and antifungal properties. A Listerine foot soak is actually catching on as a trend to treat toenail fungus.

Natural remedy for toenail fungus

Image Source: www.meowgag.com

16 Uses for deodorant

While deodorant can be used for preventing sweating beneath breasts, it can also be used to treat razor burn. You need to purchase an aluminum free deodorant that will do the trick. Unscented deodorants can soothe the itchiness and redness from a razor burn effectively.

Uses for deodorant

Image Source: files.brightside.me


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