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Few Tips For Choosing the Best Roller Blinds

By AK, 17 March 2020


Blinds make an excellent window treatment for your home. They work well in areas with big windows with amazing views. One of the benefits of roller blinds is that they easily roll away, leaving your entire window without obstructions. Also, if your wall has limited space, fitting the windows with these types of blinds is an ideal option.

There are crucial factors to consider when looking for the right blinds for your windows.

1Room Decoration

There is a wide range of blind options that can match the design of your rooms as well as fit your budget. The blinds you choose should complement the decorations in your room. If your house has a traditional style, the blinds can complete its look. If you have a contemporary style house, adding modern blinds will create a minimalist appearance.

Operation Options

  • Manual blinds. These types of blinds allow you to adjust them by hand. One side of the blinds has a cord that controls the blind height, either when lowering or rising. A rod on each side of the controls enables you to manage the light that enters the room.
  • Automatic. This new system gives a touch of sophistication to the roller blinds. It comes with a hidden motor on top of the blinds, in which you can adjust by remote control. These automatic systems are more expensive than manual blinds due to their advanced features.

Room Decoration

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2Method of Production

How a blind is made is a major consideration for your search for the best window treatment. There are two main choices in terms of the production method of blinds; ready-made and made to measure.

Ready-made blinds are typically cheaper and made with the standard window sizes in mind. However, you can adjust their sizes to fit your windows. Usually, you will be the one to install these blinds in your home. There is a variety of styles and options to choose from with ready-made blinds, although you cannot completely customise the overall look of these window treatments.

On the other hand, made to order blinds are the ones that the manufacturer designs for a specific customer. With these blinds, you can customise all aspects of your window covering, including the hardware configuration, material, finish, colour, and other features. Also, if the windows in your home have an odd shape, then made to order blinds are a suitable option for you.

Method of Production

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3Privacy Vs. Brightness


If you do not want to use a single large blind for your window, you may choose for sectional blinds, wherein you can set them in various heights. It gives you brightness on the top part of the window and has complete privacy on the other half by keeping the blinds down.

You can also find other options such as blackout blinds, which are ideal for nurseriesand entertainment rooms. Moreover, there are light filtering blinds for family rooms that provide brightness and privacy at the same time, room darkening blinds, which are suitable for bedrooms.

When looking for the best roller blinds for your home, you may combine them with other window treatments. This is because rollers have a compact nature, making them easy to work with other window coverings. For example, if you want to experience a good night’s sleep in your bedroom but also want the softness of the curtains, consider using a blackout roller blind.

Privacy Vs. Brightness

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