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Teenager’s Touching Tribute to His Nan on Britain’s Got Talent Reduces the Entire House to Tears

By Andrew Alpin, 10 May 2017


How many of us fondly remember our Grandmas?. Call her Nan, Call her nana, call her gammy or granny, I of course won’t forget my nana whose favorite song I still remember was “Danny Boy” which she sung to me every night as a child.

Harry Gardner from Essex is one teen who reduced judges to tears on the talent show ‘Britain’s got talent’ when he sang a song dedicated to his nan and her fight with Alzheimer’s last week. Harry’s Nan was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 3 years ago. When he sang his own self-written song “Not Alone”, it was a poignant moment where there wasn’t a dry face in the crowd. Harry just 16, left the judges blurry eyed. What was more shocking however Harry’s revelation on Facebook was after he won his audition to the next round.

1 After his audition, this is what Harry revealed on Social media

Harry has been writing songs and playing the piano since he was eight years old. He penned the song ‘Not Alone” for his grandma, Maureen Guinness 76 whose losing battle with Alzheimer’s saw her rapidly deteriorating in health. What will now come as a shocker to you is that while Harry sang, he must have done so by summoning all his courage because he did so with the knowledge that his grandma had sadly passed away last week. After his audition, Harry revealed on Facebook on 2nd May that she had died just a few days before the airing of the audition.

Harrys interview.

Image Source: www.huffingtonpost.com

2 His Nan would have been proud of him

The teen reduced judges to tears with his heartbreaking rendition of the song he wrote for his Grandma. Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon were totally moved and blurry eyed unable to hold back tears with Amanda saying “It really moved me. I just wish your grandmother could see what you’ve done today because she’d be so proud of you”.

Before she had died, Harry used his song to raise funds for charities as well as his own. He has raised almost 8000 pounds. The profits of Harry’s song will go to the Alzheimer research UK which is the leading charity on Dementia research. Here is Harry as a child with his nan.

teen reduced judges to tears

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk


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