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Top 20 Ridiculously Simple Things You Are Doing Wrong Every Day

By Milos Kitanovic, 18 November 2017


Given how stressful the world has become, we take every opportunity to shut down our brains. And we tend to do that when doing simple things without realizing that it would be much easier for us if we just change the way we are doing them. So today, we are going to present you with the list of 20 things you are doing wrong your entire life.

1Peeling a banana

If you are like most people, you've probably peeling bananas the wrong way your entire life - from the stem. But the right way is the monkeys' way -- turning the banana upside down and just pinching the bottom end.

Peeling a banana

2Cooling a bottled drink

Have you ever thought about wrapping paper towels around the bottles before putting them in the fridge? It's actually the best way to have them cooled more quickly. It will only take 15 minutes or less.

Cooling a bottled drink

Cooling a bottled drink


3Cooking spaghetti


You don't have to be much of a cook to prepare this dish, but there are some tricks that will make cooking spaghetti even easier. Given how spaghetti needs space to move, it's always better to cook them in a large pot. And if you want to stop bubbles from escaping, you should put a wooden spoon on the top of the pot.

Cooking spaghetti

Image Source: www.organics.org

4Untying Knots

Untying Knots is definitely one of the most irritating tasks out there. It takes a lot of time, and it cost you a lot of nerves. But what if it doesn't have to be like this. Follow this rules, and you might make untying knots a less painful experience. You just need to take the end of the string and twist it as much as you can. Then, you just push that twisted part towards the know while keeping the end straight.

Untying Knots

Image Source: www.organics.org


5Wearing earbuds

Are you tired of having your earbuds fall off your ears everytime you run? Well, if you don't want to deal with this rather irritating problem anymore, you need to loop your earbuds from behind your ear and down. That way you'll be able to do everything you want while enjoying your favorite songs at the same time.

wearing earbuds

Image Source: www.organics.org


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