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7 Signs That Your Sneakers Are Ruining Your Exercise Routine

By AK, 11 July 2020


Sneakers are must-have shoes in your collection. Whether you are a sneakerhead or not. They come in handy in various activities. For instance, running, walking, and also to style your casual outfits. But sneakers can also ruin your workout routine due to various reasons. These reasons will affect your performance, and also it may cause injury to your feet and body. Therefore, how can you know that your sneakers are not at par anymore with your routine? What are the red flags that you should look out for? In this article, you will learn of signs that your sneakers are ruining your exercise routine.

1They have reached maximum mileage

When your favorite sneaker has reached the maximum mileage. They will look old and worn-out, and this is a sign you have had them for years. Due to this, they will start shifting your weight abnormally, and this can cause injury. Not only will your feet be injured but your whole body as well. Because of this, it is best to follow the rule of the thumb, in that, you should replace your sneaker after every 300 to 400 miles. However, before the miles elapse, you can easily see some clues of wear and tear on the sneaker. To protect yourself as you exercise, it is best because of this to check your sneakers thoroughly, from top to the bottom part. If you notice that the outside soles are uneven, worn and smooth, then you can replace your sneakers with new ones.

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2Wearing them every day

Since exercise shoes are comfortable to have on. They are tempting to wear them to run errands and many other places. Using them in this way will interfere with the sneaker's effectiveness during your workout. Since you are exercising in them and still using them as an everyday shoe. In this way, you put various wear patterns on the shoes when you use them in different activities. As a result, you get premature aging of your sneakers, and eventually, you can get various types of injury. So, if you love how comfortable sneakers are when you exercise in them. Have separate sneakers where you have one for working out, and another like the Nike air force 1s to dress to while running errands and going out.

Wearing them every day

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3Poor support


When your sneakers lack support, it is another sign that they will ruin your exercise routine. Thus, as much as they are your perfect fit and size. It is important to check that your sneakers can offer good support, shock absorption, and cushioning. When you have these three features in shoes, you are sure to have reliable support. Those that do not have all these basic features will not protect your feet. Especially when you are doing a high impact activity. Therefore, as you hit your gym hard, ensure that your sneakers offer proper support for the workout routines you plan to do.

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4They do not suit the activity

Every activity that you have to do with sneakers. Have a sneaker type for the specific activity? Hence, it is not wise to be wearing running shoes to hiking or vice versa. This is because there is a lot of technology that is involved in making sneakers, more so those that are used for workouts. So, when you wear a sneaker for any activity it will ruin your workout as they are inappropriate, and they will cause injury as well. The walking and running sneakers, for instance, are made with a forward motion that provides a maximum amount of cushioning and proper shock absorption. While sneakers that are made for tennis and basketball, provide lateral and side to side support. Thus, with this understanding, it is vital to use specific sneakers for their specific workouts.

5They are a wrong fit

If you wear sneakers that are the wrong size and fit, it is a sure way to injure yourself. Also, ill-fitting shoes, if you have ever had any, can cause damage and pain. This is because they injure your nails, cause worsening of bunions and hammertoes. Besides, they cause you to develop stress fractures, tendonitis, and heel pain. So, it is better to know your numbers correctly to get the specific size and also be aware of what number you are, as companies have larger and smaller sizes for various people. More importantly, buy your shoe in the later part of the day, as your feet swell during this time of the day. In comparison to when you wake up in the morning. Those with hammertoes and bunions, ensure you accommodate a wider forefoot.

6Lacing them up wrong


A simple thing as lacing up your sneakers before an exercise can cause you to ruin your workout. Once you have your favorite workout sneakers on. Make sure that you lace them up properly. Since when they are too loose they cause your feet to slide around, and as a result, it can throw off your alignment. Besides, it can also cause you to feel pain on your ankle, and later on, it can affect your hips and knees too. To know if your sneaker is well laced, check how the tongue of the shoe is popping out. If it’s too much of it, then it is not tight enough, and it can easily ruin your work out.

Lacing them up wrong

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7The shoes are too tight

The way you do not want to tie your shoes too loosely. Also, you need not tie them as tight. Hence, it is best to find a way to make them comfortable on you as you do your workout. Although your shoes should feel snug. Ensure that you avoid tying them too tight as it can cause tendonitis. As a very tight shoe will press hard on the tendons, as a result, it will create friction and this will cause strain to the muscle. To avoid such feet issues, lace up your sneakers properly to avoid ruining your routine.


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