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13 Ways to Easily Lose Few Pounds in Just Two Weeks

By Andrew Alpin, 23 July 2022


Stress at work, lack of sleep, and eating junk food don’t help you get in shape. Instead, they make things worse. It’s even harder to keep up with healthy eating and living habits because you can’t help but crave something tasty. But there are other ways to lose weight besides strict diets and hard workouts. There are many tricks that can help you lose weight in 2 weeks.

To make losing weight easier, here are 13 tips that most people don’t know about that can help you lose a few pounds in just 2 weeks.

1 Don’t count calories


Nutritionists say you shouldn’t worry so much about calories; instead, pay more attention to the quality of the foods you eat since not all calories are the same. For example, a burger with a lot of calories can be bad for you, but nuts with a lot of calories are good. Good products are natural and haven’t been changed too much, like vegetables, nuts, and seeds, which all have more useful and healthy ingredients than their powdered counterparts. These foods help you get used to your new diet, supply you with vitamins and minerals, and stop you from feeling hungry all the time.

Don’t count calories

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2 Don’t sleep during the day


Science shows that people burn less fat during the day when they sleep and more fat when they do things. A group of researchers from the University of Colorado studied 14 healthy people for 6 days to get these results. During the first two days, the people in the study only slept at night. They didn’t nap during the day. Then, they changed the way they slept. It turned out that when people took naps, their metabolisms slowed down because their biological clocks didn’t completely change to fit their schedules. Doctors say that if you work night shifts, you should cut the number of calories you eat by 50–60.

Don’t sleep during the day

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3 Eat small portions more often


It’s simple: when you eat often, you tell your body that it doesn’t need to store fat. But the opposite happens when you don’t eat. Dr. David Jenkins’s research shows that eating little often lowers your insulin level by almost 28% and your cholesterol level by 15%. Insulin is important because it keeps the amount of sugar in the blood in check. If you don’t have enough insulin, glucose can’t get to either your fat cells or your muscles. When muscles work, “old” fats are generally burned to make energy.

Eat small portions more often

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4 Wake up early


Don’t let a few extra hours in bed keep you from getting in shape. Your metabolism works better when you get enough sleep, but you could hurt your body if you sleep too much. Scientists have found that people who sleep 8–9 hours and wake up after 10:45 am eat 250 calories more than people who get up early. Plus, they tend to want more foods that are salty, sweet, and high in fat.

Wake up early

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