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Seven Exercises Just 10 Minutes Daily Will Transform Your Body in Four Weeks

By Andrew Alpin, 15 December 2017


Do you get confused when you are trying to lose weight or tone up your body and don’t know where to start? What with several types of exercises all advocating the same thing, it leaves anyone at a loss for a select choice. It is also difficult to remember what to do and when. This is why we have chosen a set of seven exercises which may seem a bit difficult initially but they actually aren’t. These are by far the most effective and comparatively easy exercises to transform your body in a month as well as lose weight.  By describing them as easy, it doesn’t mean they are a pushover like the plank for instance. It is simple to perform but within a minute you will feel the tension and strain on your core which is what it is supposed to do.

The best thing about these exercises is that you don’t even need to go to a gym to perform. You can exercise at home. What you will need is just three things. 10 minutes, determination and the will to look good. The paragraph at the end of this article is equally important.

1The Plank

The Plank is a static or isometric exercise that is excellent strengthening the core muscles of your body. A healthy person should be able to perform a minimum of 2 minutes of the plank but hey!! No one’s perfect and this is to teach you to get there so for whatever duration you can hold the plank target for two minutes and if you can’t then increase it day by day.

Follow the image and remember to keep your legs and back straight without sagging or arching. If you do this correctly, it will workout your butt, legs, arms, abs and back. It will also improve your posture and muscle tone.

The Plank

Image Source: www.lifehack.org


And you thought this was the dullest exercise ever?? Well consider this rather than lifting weights, you are still lifting your body weight and that is as good as an exercise as ever.

Doing a push up is easy where you have to start in the initial plank position and then lower yourself as much as you can. Your pelvis, back, and legs should always be in a straight line. Then return to initial position. The push up is a strength exercise which works out the chest, arms and abdominal muscles.


Image Source: www.popsugar.com

3Thigh and Buttock Muscles Workout


Get into a position on all fours. Now stretch out your left leg and right arm in a straight line. Now slowly bend them and get your right elbow to touch your left knee. Straighten your body again and resume the movement with the left elbow to the right knee.

This exercise is especially good for the upper body and hip flexibility and strength. It also strengthens the butt, waist, and back.

Thigh and Buttock Muscles Workout

Image Source: www.womendailymagazine.com


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