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7 Signs You’re Not Eating Enough For Effective Weight Loss

By Andrew Alpin, 21 May 2017


Have you ever thought why you aren’t losing weight even though you may be observing several remedies,  and workouts? Now this is an article especially for women who don’t realise how important it is to understand there are several metabolic and hormonal factors that come into play when losing weight. Food is extremely important and starving isn’t going to help you lose weight. You need to eat more to lose weight. Losing weight isn’t about eating less it’s about consuming less calories. But if you suddenly start reducing your calories, you can put a complete halt to losing weight where your body will then focus on muscle protein for energy. In normal circumstances, your body uses food you eat for calories. When it has met its quota, it stores the balance food as fat which it holds onto for future requirements of energy during your physical activity. When you stop suddenly, your body enters into a starvation mode then this is the time when it starts breaking down muscle tissue and that can be a dangerous leading to muscle weakness and fatigue. Moreover you invite the risk of easy muscle injury, sprains, inflammation and body pain. To add to all this, you won’t lose weight.


1 What a nutritionist has to say?

This is what Lisa Young PhD, RD and a nutritionist and adjunct professor of nutrition at New York University had to say "Restricting calories too much almost always backfires," Young cautions. And that's because the body actually needs calories to burn calories. It's a lot like when you want to light a fire. You need to throw kindling in the fireplace to ignite it, “. Consider this fact that if you don’t eat breakfast, you find it harder to resist temptation to eat unhealthy foods which can make you overeat at lunch. The National Institute of Health says, women need 1200 to 1500 calories daily. If your body doesn’t meet that requirement, even regular physical activity becomes difficult and your body finds it harder to maintain health. Here are the signs you aren’t eating enough and simply need to eat more to lose weight.

How the metabolism works

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