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20 Mind Blowing Sand Sculptures That Are Truly Worth Taking a Look

By Andrew Alpin, 9 May 2018


Sand Sculptures can be stunning and there are quite a few established artists around the world who have carved a niche for themselves in the new age art of sand sculptures. There is nothing more relaxing than an article that doesn’t require some heavy reading but just to provide you beautiful visual relaxation. Take a look at these 20 sand sculptures that will blow your mind.

1Musashi Miyamoto


This is an amazing sculpture done by a Japanese artist of the fabled samurai Ronin “Musashi Miyamoto.” It received 1st prize at the Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Festival. This looks like the most beautiful and detailed among all the exhibits on this list.

Musashi Miyamoto

Image Source: www.thisiscolossal.com



This is an amazing sculpture as part of the biblical theme at an exhibition by famous sculptor Ray Villafane from Arizona US. The fact about sand sculptures is that they take hours to make and that’s really a painstaking job. Sad it would be soon washed away. 


Image Source: pinimg.com

3Surrealism sand sculpture


This is another incredible but giant sculpture by surrealist sand sculptor and artist Carl Jara from Cleveland Ohio. He is forever winning competitions and is popular for his huge figures that overshadow others at the beaches. 

Surrealism sand sculpture

Image Source: www.thisiscolossal.com

4Hampton beach exhibit


This exhibit was one of the entries at the Annual Hampton Beach sand sculpture competition. The Hampton Beach sand exhibition is a regular feature where you can see some excellent work. Artists from all over the world descend upon the beach during the event.

Hampton beach exhibit

Image Source: vidyomani.com

5The Hobbit


This is a sand sculpture exhibit by renowned fantasy artist Ilana Yahav from Israel. Illana is an established sculptor from Israel with many works to her credit. Yahav has also performed in front of live audiences. Her sand art is simply mind-blowing. 

Artist Ilana Yahav

Image Source: www.patrasevents.gr


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