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15 Repair Tricks from Our Grandfather’s Time That Are Still Relevant Today

By Andrew Alpin, 11 May 2018


The internet is just a few decades old and before that, we turned to the age-old methods of our granddaddies to repair things at home. It was a time that the older generation practiced creative ways to solve household problems. They also passed on the same home repair hacks to our parents, friends relatives and colleagues and the best part is that all of these actually work. Take a look at 13 repair hacks of our grandfather’s time.

1 An easy way to sharpen scissors

Over time scissors usually become dull and blunt but there’s a smart way to sharpen them. A scissors can be sharpened faster and easier if you cut sandpaper with it. Use sandpaper with number 150-200 and the black type would be better.

Easy way to sharpen scissors

Image Source: baomoi.me

2How to remove a screw easily

Sometimes, screws can be tough to remove. To remove the screw easily, all you have to do is heat it with a soldering iron. This method is especially good for stubborn nuts and bolts. You can also use a propane torch to heat up the screw. The heat makes the screw expand as well as the gap and breaks the rust.

How to remove a screw easily

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3How to open a stuck wooden drawer


Drawers often get stuck and can be a nuisance when you are in a hurry. If you rub a drawer with soap, it makes it easier to open. Remove the entire drawer and rub the soap along the sides thoroughly.

open a stuck wooden drawer

Image Source: kaksekonomit.com

4How to hammer a nail to fit better

Sometimes if you have noticed when hammering nails, they tend to bend or fit incorrectly. To get a good fit, hammer the nail at an angle which should be in the direction of the wood fiber. Moreover, for maximum grip between two objects, nails should be driven at an angle.

How to hammer a nail

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5How to fix a nail in plaster

Sometimes trying to fix nails in plaster can be cumbersome. Well, our granddads had a simple solution and that is a liquid one. Just soak the nails in a solution of salt water for about 5-10 minutes first before using them.

How to fix a nail in plaster

Image Source: aworlds.com


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