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Racy Photos of Meghan Markle Prove that Kate Middleton Did Not Deserve £92,000 Compensation

By KK Angus, 16 June 2018


Meghan Markle has been in the Royal household for only a few weeks and she is already in the middle of a scandal. First, she wears a flirty pink dress to the Queen’s birthday celebrations and gets flak for baring her arms and now, French lawyers are dragging up her previous saucy footages. Remember when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton were awarded a payout of £92,000 as a compensation for Kate’s photos which were taken in France in 2012?

Lawyers are now challenging the huge payment by using seductive footage and photos images of Meghan Markle which are public as part of Meghan’s body of work. They are saying it was hypocritical of the Royal family for charging so much for Kate’s inappropriate photos, when Meghan’s racy photos are on display for the public.

1What had happened


French lawyers claim that William and Kate never deserved the huge amount of £92,000 as compensation which they demanded after topless photos of Kate from her vacation were published by French magazine Closer in 2012. The photos made a huge splash when they surfaced as Kate had married William already and she is obviously the future Queen of England. The photos were taken from a long-lens camera when the royal couple was sunbathing on a terrace during their French vacation.

What had happened


2Is it fair?


The French lawyers are claiming that the royals cannot ask for such an insane amount of money as compensation for putting at risk the dignity of one of their members, when their newest member Meghan Markle had voluntarily been a part of several racy photoshoots, and seductive videos which are of course, readily available online. They are curious as to why the royals aren’t bothered about Meghan’s photos?

Is it fair?

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3The matter of choice


The problem here, of course, is that Kate’s photos were not volunteered by her or her family, but Meghan’s photos and videos are a part of her work. Meghan, who has been in showbiz for quite a while now, quit acting to pursue her royal ambitions but her body of work of course, remains. And it’s not fair to compare Kate’s photos with Meghan’s photos, as Meghan’s photos and videos are very much a part of her choice.

The matter of choice

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4Meghan’s scenes


Meghan had famously done some love-making sequences for her show Suits and had been part of a steamy scene in another sitcom where she had pleasured a man orally. Plus, she did a video for the 2013 edition of Men’s Health magazine, in a segment called ‘Grilling Never Looked So Hot With Meghan Markle’, in which the former actress is seen removing her shirt and posing as she grills burgers. There are also reportedly some pictures of her, where she exposes her breasts on a beach.

Meghan’s scenes

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5The appeal


The appeal against the compensation which the Royals received is set to start in Versailles Appeal Court. And Closer's spokesperson says that the fee should be definitely revised much like regular cases involving privacy issues, where compensations are less than even £100. And the proceedings might get very dramatic as lawyers are planning to actually use the racy videos of Meghan Markle to make their case.

The appeal

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