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Racy Photos of Meghan Markle Prove that Kate Middleton Did Not Deserve £92,000 Compensation

By KK Angus, 16 June 2018


11Unlike Harry

The Closer scandal was very unlike that of Prince Harry’s fiasco where he was pictured on his decadent night out. Remember when Harry was pictured dancing naked in vegas - with friends? He had to face a lot of flak for his actions, considering his royal position. But considering Kate and William were so private about their vacation, makes their case a stronger one.

Unlike Harry

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12Even Diana was a victim

Even Princess Diana couldn’t escape the pesky paparazzi as they crashed her private vacations and managed to click pictures of her and her boyfriends on the beach. Back then of course, Diana was no longer a royal and it did not affect her all that much.

Even Diana was a victim

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13Kate vs Meghan


This case invariably pits Meghan against her sis-in-law, although none of them are to be blamed in the entire scenario. The critics of the royal family, including the bosses at Closer obviously think it’s unfair that they had to pay so much in damages, when Meghan’s risky photos are for all to see. But Meghan’s careergraph has nothing to do with her current stature and royal title.

Kate vs Meghan

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14Meghan is winning

Incidentally, Meghan Markle is trailblazing her way to the hearts of the people. Her fans have noted that she can get away with a lot which perhaps Kate Middleton won’t be forgiven for. And since, Kate is the future Queen, it does make sense. But be it her fashion sense or her penchant for breaking protocol, or even her public relations, Meghan is not one to bow down to archaic pressures.

Meghan is winning

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15Will it hit the royals?

The Closer magazine scandal might just be a small hiccup, at most. The royals have been through worse, and have only gotten stronger with each new problem. And after Harry and Meghan’s wedding, they seem to have revived their pop culture significance too.

Will it hit the royals?

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