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15 Of The Most Unbelievably Powerful Pictures Ever Clicked

By KK Angus, 17 June 2018


We see hundreds of pictures throughout a day. On social media, in films, magazines, shows, cartoons, milk cartons. But how many of these pictures really inspire us? How many of these photos actually make us think or head to Google to learn more about it? How many pictures actually makes us curious?

You might say it’s subjective. Even a juice box can make you think and learn. But we are talking about a broader understanding of things that don’t technically concern you but will give you a newer perspective. Photos which capture the moment so splendidly that you cannot help but marvel at them and think about who clicked them. For instance, have you ever seen the casting call ad for Nirvana’s Teen Spirit music video? Do you know about Christopher Lightsey and his criminal history? Here’s presenting some pictures so powerful and emphatic it will wrack your brain.

1The story of Chacha

This is a picture of a male chimpanzee named Chacha who had escaped from the Yagiyama Zoological Park. In this photo Chacha viciously screams at a man who tries to capture him in northern Japan. Although how one man could manage such a difficult task is beyond us. Chacha was eventually caught after he was shot with a tranquilizer gun, which made him fall from the power lines.

The story of Chacha

Image Source: huffingtonpost.com

2The picture of protest

They often say nothing is fiercer than when the youth rebels against oppression. In this picture Azov civil corps activists and members of the Ukrainian national guard participate in a protest march against the recently held elections in the "rebel-held" zones of eastern Ukraine which falls under the Minsk peace agreement. This picture was taken in May 20, 2016.

The picture of protest

Image Source: huffingtonpost.com

3The old battle


You must have heard about the Battle of the Somme in the First World War, which was also known as the Somme Offensive. It took place in 1916, between the British Empire armies and battalions of France against the German Empire. In this picture, a number of young men and women offer wreaths during a service marking the 100th anniversary of the start of the battle at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Memorial in France.

The old battle

Image Source: rasset.ie

4The Hijab hoop

If you struggle with hula hoops, you need to learn from this woman. A woman with a hijab on masters the art of hula-hooping at an athleisure class and stuns everybody. Next time you have to think about an excuse to miss hooping at gym class, just use her as an inspiration.

The Hijab hoop

Image Source: imgur.com

5The real volcano

Perhaps the most fascinating volcano picture you will see all year. The photo features a thunderstorm over Japan's Mount Sakurajima volcano. The eruption at the crater made for a brilliant photogenic subject.

The real volcano

Image Source: huffingtonpost.com


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