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15 Of The Most Unbelievably Powerful Pictures Ever Clicked

By KK Angus, 17 June 2018


6The face of courage

This photo was only taken a couple of years ago and represents courage in the face of the most brutal adversity. The picture has a young boy posing on his bike near an oil field which has been set ablaze. The oil field was set on fire by the extremist militant group ISIS around the October Mosul offensive in Iraq.

The face of courage

Image Source: huffingtonpost.com

7The gagged criminal

This picture looks like it is straight out of your favourite crime thriller, but this is a photo of a real-life court proceeding. In 1995 A felon named Christopher Lightsey was being so disruptive during his own trial that he had to be gagged for the proceedings to go smoothly. He was eventually convicted and was sent back to death row in 2015.

The gagged criminal

Image Source: townnews.com

8The Nirvana casting call


If you're a fan of the rock band Nirvana, this picture will be significant to you. This is a poster calling people to audition for their iconic Smells Like Teen Spirit music video. The ad calls for young people to appear and audition for an appearance in their music video and to all rock music lovers this photo will bring back pangs of nostalgia.

The Nirvana casting call

Image Source: squarespace.com

9Sell and buy

This is the most realistic picture you will see all day. You will relate to it even more if you're a foodie. We're sure you often get bothered with the burger you're buying as it looks nothing like the one on the flyer. You're not alone. Turns out this problem exists everywhere. This is a picture accumulating a number of food items from eateries all over the world which look drastically different from their advertisements.

Sell and buy

Image Source: imgur.com

10The face of bravery

This man named August Landmesser had the courage to not say, "Heil! Hitler." Landmasser's tale is intriguing. Landmesser fell in love with a Jewish woman but couldn't marry her as she was sent to a concentration camp to be killed off. Before he himself could be sent to camp, this picture captured Landmesser refusing to do the Nazi salute at a rally in 1936.

The face of bravery

Image Source: www.fokus.ba


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