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Research Says Picking Your Nose Is Good for You but You Have To Eat Your Boogers

By Andrew Alpin, 1 April 2018


While on one hand picking your nose and making boogers may sound gross, how would eating it sound? Would it sound disgusting? Well, it might as many of us are prone to picking our noses and flinging the boogers but science has something new to tell you concerning those little boogers that you dig up from your inflated nostrils.

1Research says boogers can be good for you


According to biochemist and Professor Scott Napper, picking your nose is good for health but you have to eat your boogers too. Only then will it benefit you.

boogers can be good for you

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2A common habit


Picking a nose is a common habit with many. A survey found that 96% of teens digging for silver and gold on a regular basis while adults admitted the same to the tune of 90%. Children especially are prone to doing it. 

kid picking nose

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3The scientific name for eat


The act of extracting your mucus or boogers from your nose even has a name. It is called rhinotillexis and eating it is called mucophagy. 


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4What your boogers consist of


Nose mucus consists of a cocktail of enzymes that are also regarded antiseptic in nature. They have the power to kill or weaken harmful bacteria which then reintroduce crippled microorganisms into the nose which can help the body again produce antibodies to strengthen the immune system. 

obama picking nose

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