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Research Says Picking Your Nose Is Good for You but You Have To Eat Your Boogers

By Andrew Alpin, 1 April 2018


5What a survey showed

The survey also showed that your average everyday person will clean out their attic at least four to five times a day/. Even if they don’t admit to it, they do. Incidentally the survey found that 10% people don’t have this habit but who knows as its very hard not to.

 picking their nose

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6Don’t eat your boogers in public

While no one wants you to manufacture boogers while in public such as eating at a restaurant, or among family and friends, in private research says it is beneficial for health but how!! 

brad pit picking nose

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7Your nose nuggets are good for you


Biochemist Scott Napper says that the habit of eating boogers may have been the result of human evolution because of its health benefits. The little nuggets that you dig and roll with your finger might be good for you. 

Biochemist Scott Napper

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8Good for immunity

The idea of eating boogers being good for the body is that fact they are supposed to improve the immune system.

The nose is a part of your immune system because it acts as a filter where loads of bacteria get deposited. Doctor Friedrich Bischenger a lung specialist says that if this mixture collected from the nose ends up in the intestines, it can be good for the body and will work just like medication. 

boogers good for health

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9Napper’s research

Napper says that he has two beautiful daughters who love to pick their noses and he allows them. He also notices that immediately after picking, it goes into their mouths. He says “could they be actually fulfilling what they were meant to do”.

Napper’s research

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