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A Devastated Nikki Bella Splits With John Cena Weeks Before Their Wedding

By KK Angus, 18 April 2018


Wrestling sensation John Cena and Nikki Bella's dramatic engagement on the boxing ring made global headlines. The couple shockingly split just weeks before their wedding was supposed to take place. They had been together for six whole years. So what happened?

Was it ego? Was it difference of opinions? Or did they just fall out of love? Sadly Nikki has not been private about the breakup and has talked to a few sources about her split. She's obviously devastated and yet has kept up a strong front. So what did happen between John and Nikki?

1No place for a spouse?


Nikki has often said that when she met John he was too obsessed with his own career and didn't think he'd ever have enough free time for a serious relationship. But after six years of togetherness and an engagement, isn't it time enough to have changed? Or was John going back to his old ways?


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2The pity husband


Nikki's friends have told media that John was acting as if he was doing Nikki a favour by marrying her. Especially since he had no definite plans of settling down. Nikki reportedly put her foot down and decided she doesn't want a pity husband.

John Cena and Nikki Bella

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3Too career-obsessed?


Being a star athlete has its pitfalls. John is a huge name and it's hardly surprising that he would have starry airs. But should a star also have an upper hand in his personal relationships? John Cena is famously resolute about his career and nobody blames him for that obviously. But he seems to have lost his sense of priority.

Too career-obsessed

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4Just a few days ago…


Interestingly, Nikki gushed about John in an interview just a few days before their breakup. She said how happy she was with him and how much they both wanted to get married. Which is what has shocked their fans. Was it all fake? And most importantly, should they have seen it coming?

 John Cena and Nikki Bella!

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