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A Devastated Nikki Bella Splits With John Cena Weeks Before Their Wedding

By KK Angus, 18 April 2018


13One-sided affair

Many sources close to the couple claim that Nikki was clearly the one who wanted to be married to John. While she did give out an impression that they both wanted same things, clearly there were a lot of issues they didn't agree on, from commitment to having kids.

One-sided affair

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14Mr and Mrs

A few weeks back Nikki had shared a picture on Instagram of her and John and captioned it as Mr and Mrs. People couldn't help but notice that Nikki was the more eager of the two to make things official.

nikki bella john cena

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15John's Instagram raises questions


While Nikki's Instagram clearly speaks of her love for the athlete, John's Instagram is oddly aloof. Nikki often posts pictures of her and John, and shares every special moment from every red carpet to major event. But John's Instagram has almost no signs of Nikki.

John Cena and Nikki Bella kiss

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16Long distance relationship

It was revealed that John and Nikki would often go without seeing each other for months and had made peace with it. Their hectic schedules also have been a reason for their sudden split, they are just too busy to work that hard on a relationship.

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