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These 16 Hacks Will Save Your Life in a Critical Situation

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 25 May 2018


Our lives may have been going smoothly so far but it doesn’t mean that we will not get to face any alarming situation in the future. Life is full of uncertainties so it is better to be prepared for facing the worst situation and giving it a tough fight.

However, to put up a brave front in the time of trouble, we should be prepared enough to handle the situation. Unpleasant situations can occur in many places such as movie halls, shopping malls, sports stadium, concerts, market, etc. Today we are going to tell you 16 hacks that can save your life in a dire circumstance:

1Look for three exits

Make it a habit of looking for three exits wherever you go, whether it is a railway station, airport, shopping mall, concert, sports stadium, school or any other public place where a good number of people are present. Once you find three exits, try to remember them in your mind so that if any unfortunate incident takes place, you can move towards the nearest exit and move out of the place. If you don’t find three exits, try to look for big windows from where you can move out in time of crisis. 

Look for three exits

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2Don’t get scared in an unfavorable situation

Suppose you are walking down a street, you are alone and there are no passers-by either; you see someone standing ahead of you and looking at you with a wrong intention.

In this situation, if you put your head down, took your phone out and start walking fast, you are giving a signal to the person that you are an easy target. But if you give him a long gaze in return, keep on walking at your normal speed, he will think twice before doing anything against you because you have shown your courage and gave a hint that you are not afraid of him.

However instead of one person if there is a group of rowdy people, don’t give a long gaze, look at them confidently and start looking at the other side but not down. This simple hack can make those persons change their decision of harming you. 

Scared in an unfavorable situation

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3Burning crayons like candles


If you are stuck at a place which is dark, has no electricity and the battery of your mobile is limited, what can you do to have some light? If you are lucky enough and have crayon colors, you can use them as a candle. Crayon colors are made of wax and one wax crayon can burn for approximately 30 minutes, giving you much-needed light in an emergency situation. 

Burning crayons like candles

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4Filtering water using cloth

This is very important life hack as it is concerned with water and we all know that there is no life without water. If you are stuck in a location where clean water is not available, you can filter dirty water using two containers and a piece of cloth.

You need to put the container of dirty water at a higher level than the empty container in which the clean water will get accumulated. Put one end of the cloth dipped in the dirty water and the other end in the empty container. After some time, the clean water will start getting filled in the empty container. It will be good if you can boil the clean water before using. 

Filtering water using cloth

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5Take the fight to your kitchen

If an invader has entered your house and he is trying to overpower you, try to take the fight to your kitchen. In normal days, your kitchen is a place where food is cooked for the family but in a crisis situation, your kitchen is a place where all sorts of weapons are kept. Have you ever thought how effective and useful the kitchen utensils can be if you use them to tackle an invader? Remember, a knife can be used for cutting many things other than vegetables and fruits!

kitchen tools

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