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You Will Stop Throwing Leftover Pickle Juice After Reading Its 15 Best Uses At Home

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 25 May 2018


Pickles are an integral part of our lives and of our meals because most of us are habitual of eating pickle daily. The best thing about pickles is that they come in many varieties and different tastes, giving various options to everyone and people can choose the one they like the most.

However, it hurts a lot when the pickle gets finished and we are left with the pickle juice. People tend to throw away this juice as they feel that it is useless but in reality there are many uses of pickle juice. Here we are listing reasons for not throwing away the pickle juice and tips of putting them to a great use:

1Get rid of hangover


The human body gets deprived of water and electrolytes after a whole night of drinking liquor which results in headache, giddiness and cramping. Pickle juice is full of salts which provide the body with electrolytes, hence resulting in bringing the body back in balance. So next time when you have a hangover, the leftover pickle juice will be of a great help to you. 

Get rid of hangover

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2Stop hiccups


Hiccups are really very irritating and sometimes they put us in an embarrassing situation as well. However if you have leftover pickle juice available with you, there are good chances that you will get rid of annoying hiccups. It is being said that the best cure for hiccups is a glass of pickle juice as it stops them immediately. 

Leftover pickle juice

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3Treat upset stomach


The medicinal values of pickle juice are just wonderful. It can help in treating the digestive process and some other problems of stomach as probiotics produced in fermented food, such as vinegar, are helpful in treating upset stomach. It’s highly advisable that people should store some pickle juice intentionally just for the medicinal purposes as it is one of the best home remedies and can be very helpful. 

Treat upset stomach

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4Pickle juice as cleaning agent


Pickle juice can clean even the blackened copper utensils and bring back their shine. In fact, it’s such a good cleaning agent that it can make the old utensils look like new ones. It can also be used for cleaning the grills. This further increases the importance of pickle juice as a natural cleaner that doesn’t have any hard chemicals.

Copper utensils

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5Use it as marinade


Pickle juice can also be used as marinade for making many dishes, especially for non-veg food items as it can tenderize chicken and meat. Pickle juice is mainly mixture of acids and it is just wonderful for marinating the dishes. It can also be used for sprinkling on salad as dressing and adding extra flavor to it. 

Pickle juice for marinade

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