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How To Design Your Small Bathroom Space

By AK, 9 August 2019


If your bathroom is small, then you will have a big problem of trying to fit everything in the limited space that you have. Some of the challenge includes configuring the toilet, finding a place to put the towels, and brainstorming on the clearance for the shower. Despite the issues, it is still best to squeeze in a small bathroom. Now, here are some tips on how to design this essential part of your house:

1Install the Sink at the Corner

In some cases, a pedestal sink can disturb the available traffic lane in the comfort room. As such, you can place your sink at the corner across the toilet. For high-quality bathroom supplies & products, you can always check trusted sites that you know. Indeed, this will work better than installing it from across the shower. The shower door can often create an awkward condition inside.

Install the Sink at the Corner

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2Buy a Shower Curtain

Instead of buying a glass door, you can buy a shower curtain. This will save you from moving the glass door in and out of the toilet. Install your shower-tub which can fit in small spaces and put a shower curtain. There are shower-tubs which are available in 60 inches length and this is perfect for your place.

Buy a Shower Curtain

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3Put a Mirror


Mirrors can help make space look bigger. Make sure to mount it above so you can have free space for your smaller items. Meanwhile, you can opt for a rounded style of mirrors. Tight spaces can make the sharp corners of the mirrors hazardous. A round mirror can work best in square spaces.

Apart from installing a mirror for vanity, you can also let it stretch across the wall. With this, two persons can use it at once. In small space conditions, every inch will help you with your activity.

Put a Mirror

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4Extend the Counter

Another tip that you can try to work with small spaces is to extend the counter above the toilet. You can try a banjo-style arrangement through a wood or stone slab. With the extended counter, it can create enough space for some items that you have. It will not affect the toilet placement. Plus the look is clean and minimalist.

5Opt for a Large Pattern

To trick the eye, you can opt for a large pattern in your bathroom. With this, you will see as if the room is expanded. Yes, space will the same remain but it will just feel as if everything is big. Check the internet for high quality bathroom supplies & products.


6Glass Panels


If you have 5 feet wide bathroom, you can skip using the shower door. You can opt for a glass panel instead. With this, it can keep the water from your shower. This can also free up the elbowroom needed.

Opt for a Large Pattern

Image Source: td-universe.com

7Install the Tower Bar on the Door

Whenever space is limited, you can install the towel bar on the door. This will keep the towels handy and at the same time save space. You can store your towels in your linen closet but you need to have that one towel close to you during shower or bath time.


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