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How Can CBD Treat Anxiety in Dogs?

By Adreianna Alexes, 8 May 2019


As a pet parent, it can be frustrating to see your furry baby suffer in silence while you feel helpless. When your dog is diagnosed with anxiety, its episodes can vary from mild to extreme. Pet owners usually have a hard time dealing with these anxiety episodes and this where CBD oils like Charlotte's web CBD oil, can come handy. CBD oils can be an excellent option for your dog because it’s organic and has limited to no side effects.

Before you choose to give your dog CBD oil, you need to figure out the root cause behind the anxiety episodes. Each episode will have a trigger, and there may be different types of trigger warnings that can set your dog off. Now, before you buy a CBD oil for your furry friend, it’s important that you choose a quality product and consult the vet.

1Anxiety and dogs:


Dogs mostly have the same emotions as humans, the good and the bad. Anxiety is something that can be triggered due to many factors, specifically fear and worry. Dogs can’t control their anxiety episodes, and they eventually lash out. It’s your job as a pet parent to ensure that your house is pet-friendly so that your dog doesn’t feel anxious and feels safe. Some of the everyday situations that can cause anxiety are thunderstorms, firecrackers, new people, strangers, and so on. If you can pinpoint what causes your dog to lash out, then you can protect them from their episodes.

Sometimes, the anxiety episodes may be more than loud noises and new people, and it can be a behavioral disorder. CBD oils like Charlotte's web CBD oil, are recommended for this situation (but with the help of a behavioral specialist). Extreme cases of anxiety will include destructive behavior, separation anxiety, and aggressiveness towards other animals.

Anxiety in animals, whether cats or dogs, can be a tricky thing and can go unnoticed. So, when your dog is acting weird, here are some symptoms you must look out for to see if your pet is suffering from anxiety.

  • Licking their lips
  • Aggressive scratching at doors
  • Whining and panting
  • Trembling
  • Excessive urination
  • Chewing their paws

How will CBD work for dogs with anxiety?

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2How will CBD work for dogs with anxiety?


CBD oils like Charlotte's web CBD oil are rapidly becoming a natural remedy towards treating anxiety in pets. It’s known for treating anxiety symptoms in dogs without any adverse side effects and improving their quality of life.

CBD oils are extracted from the industrial hemp plant, and they are a potent cannabinoid that is known for their natural benefits. CBD is very different from THC because they are not psychoactive and will not have any adverse side effects once consumed. Also, THC can be toxic to dogs while CBD is safe for them. CBD affects the endocannabinoid system in the brain, triggering the nervous system and providing a relaxed and calm outcome to the rest of the body. CBD also enables the release of serotonin and reduces anxiety in dogs.

CBD for other problems in dogs:

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3CBD for other problems in dogs:


Even though the preferred treatment is to use CBD for anxiety in dogs, other conditions can be treated as well. Some of these treatments are supported by testimonials provided by pet owners while other treatments are supported by scientific proof. Regardless, many success stories have been brought to light because of CBD oils and their effects on dogs.

Consistent use of CBD oils has been known to reduce seizures and epileptic episodes in aging dogs, they provide relief from chronic pain, and a good dose of CBD oils can also prevent the growth of cancerous tumor cells. It also helps prevent the early onset of arthritis and blood disorders. It’s important to consult your veterinarian before you decide to use supplements like CBD oils or include any change in your pet’s diet. This is significant because it will ensure that your dog gets proper treatment and nutrients. CBD for anxiety is a good option for your pet; whether it's afraid of loud noises or new people/surroundings, it will help ease their mental state and calm them down. CBD oils are great in soothing your pet during high anxiety moments.

When you’re on the lookout for quality CBD oils, you must ensure it ticks all the following boxes:

  • Organic
  • Cold pressed extraction or CO2 extraction
  • Ensure that it’s independently tested
  • The THC level must be less than 0.3%

The last point is crucial because as mentioned before, THC is toxic for your dog and if the CBD oil is of low quality and has more than the required amount of THC, it can be fatal to your pet’s health.


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