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Study Says There Is No Such Thing As Holding Your Baby Too Much

By Andrew Alpin, 29 May 2018


It is a common perception that it isn’t wise to handle baby animals too much; after all it has its own mother to do that. But! The same cannot be said for human babies and though there are some who may advise you not to carry your baby or handle her too much, you should on the contrary do just the opposite.

1Research now shows how touch is very important for newborn and premature babies

Research shows no amount of cuddling and holding your baby can be considered too much and the more you do it, the better for them. 

Holding new born baby

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2A new born baby needs to experience the same secure emotional environment as the womb

Consider the fact during a pregnancy; a baby’s only known environment is a mother’s womb. On an emotional level, it feels safe and secure which is why each time a mother and also a father cuddles a baby, it induces a psychologically secure feeling for the child recalling the atmosphere of the womb. A child’s sound emotional development depends much on childhood security and this can only be provided form the day he or she has been born.

New born holding finger

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3You can never touch your baby enough


There is no overstating the importance of touch for a developing baby. The research says that by holding your baby more often, you contribute towards her brain development. This is in contrast to what was presumed by the experts earlier. 

Touching your baby

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4 Touch is extremely important for preterm babies who don’t get the experience

The research took place at Ohio’s Nationwide Children’s Hospital and involved 125 full term and premature babies. Researchers were amazed to find that premature babies responded positively and even strongly to frequent gentle touching and holding by parents and the NICU staff in comparison to babies who were touched less frequently. 

Mother cuddling baby

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5Touching is good for a baby’s brain development

It also showed that gentle rocking, cuddling, and touching influenced healthy brain development. It also proved that when you spend a lot of time with an infant, the better for the baby.

Cuddling new born

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