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Study Says There Is No Such Thing As Holding Your Baby Too Much

By Andrew Alpin, 29 May 2018


11Hospital should reinvent rules to allow touching for premature babies

Skin to skin contact also known as kangaroo care between infants and parents is now a common practice in hospitals around the country. Unfortunately, premature babies do not get the luxury of such things where it is a common rule in hospitals that premature babies should not be held.

Infant in hospital

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12Fathers too should also touch their babies often

The advocacy of touching babies for brain development and benefit doesn’t only extend to the mother. Fathers too need to also touch their babies and to some extent close relatives as well. 

Father and baby

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13Some hospitals are doing the right thing


Close skin to skin contact is slowly and steadily growing where a viral episode last year featured how a big brother participated in a programme of skin to skin contact for his own sibling. In fact in Atlanta, there is an ICU Grandpa who cuddles babies when hospital staff or parents aren’t able to. 

Grandfather and baby

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14Babies can’t be spoiled

The familiar idea is that children can be spoiled but that’s when they reach a certain age. Babies cannot be spoiled. There is nothing negative that can be produced by holding a baby too much except for the occasional tired parent. Holding your baby as often as you can in their early stages of life will benefit them for life.

New born baby

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