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Handy Advice Regarding Handmade Leather Dog Collars

By AK, 24 May 2020


Your cherished puppy is an indispensable part of the family for whom you desire to ensure every possible convenience and security. Besides wholesome food, you must not have forgotten about the essential accessories he needs. Dog collar is such a prerequisite that you should get, the moment you bring him home. It is a must-have accessory when you take him outside or start training him. You will find countless types made of different materials. But as long as you consider comfort with safety, nothing can match the quality of one made of premium quality leather. While purchasing one, it is a smarter move to select handmade dog collars. They look stylish, are versatile, affordable, and long-lasting.

1Some Helpful pieces of Advice on Handmade Leather Dog Collars


Buying a high-quality dog collar is a significant aspect a pup owner has to ensure first. Many people consider buying one made of leather over other materials because of the supremacy it exhibits. If it is handmade, nothing can match the appearance and elegance. Hence, most of the puppy masters prefer handmade ones. Before you purchase one, here we are offering you some pieces of handy advice for assisting you to make the best purchase for the pooch.

Some Helpful pieces of Advice on Handmade Leather Dog Collars

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2Buy One that Matches the Personality of the Canine


Going for a handmade leather collar means you desire to add a style factor to his appearance. It is classy, smart, and undoubtedly a fabulous addition to enriching the wardrobe of the pup. But before you buy one, make sure it matches the personality and breed of the dog.

You will get a handful of such products varying in colors, design, and patterns. They are traditional, simple to use, and you must pick the most competent one that suits the pup.

Buy One that Matches the Personality of the Canine

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3Get One that Matches Your Dog's Size


All collars out there are not made in the same way. Before you buy one, make sure it matches the size of the canine. It should be snug, but not so firm that it suffocates the cherished pet. Measure the neck with measuring tape. Make sure you can effortlessly adjust your two fingers within the accessory and the dog's throat to select the exact sized collar.

An adjustable handmade one can serve you the purpose best. So you can adjust the collar size even when your pup grows.

4Ensure It Features Rings for Both Tags and Leads


Some collars don't have separate rings, both for identification tags and leads. But having a tag ring is a must to ensure the absolute security of the pup. They consider that the lead ring will also serve as a tag ring. The consequence is, it cannot hook the lead correctly. Before you get a handmade leather collar, ensure it features separate rings both for leads and tags.

Get One that Matches Your Dog

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5Pick the Best Accessory with Great Appearance


Most of the handmade collars are stylish, seem classy, and enhance the appearance of the beloved puppy. But most of them are appropriate only for daily use. You cannot use them for specific training plans or combine them with other luxury ones.

You also have to get a leash to attach to it. It will add elegance to the appearance of the pup if it is compatible with the style of the collar. Luckily, most of the renowned companies offer leashes, specially customized according to the design of the dog collar.

6Select the Type that Matches Your Need


Handmade leather dog collars come in various types and patterns. Each handcrafted product is unique and represents a distinct story that significantly matches the owner and his pooch.

There are many options, including choke, martingale, buckle, rolled or flat, standard design, spiked and studded one for safety, wide and thick one for large breeds, and many more. So before buying, choose the type for specific use and breed. You can even personalize them to suit the particular breed or customize the design. For further customization, you can choose to craft the name of the puppy or select the stitching process to meet your desires.

Ensure It Features Rings for Both Tags and Leads

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7Ensure Proper Maintenance


Handcrafted leather accessories are made of premium quality leather. They can serve for a very long time when you ensure proper care and maintenance. Keep the accessory dry to lengthen its use, and if it gets wet, let it dry in air.

The best thing is, with time, leather gets softer. The color doesn't fade, and the quality doesn't deteriorate when maintained well. You can even use a leather conditioner to nourish it a bit more. When you ensure the comprehensive cleaning method and maintenance, you can expect the accessory to endure even for the lifetime of the canine!

Pick the Best Accessory with Great Appearance

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Handmade collars made of premium quality leather are elegant, long-lasting, feature fabulous quality, and ensure safety. Leather is a lightweight material and doesn't cause any irritation or redness around the skin of the dog's neck. They exhibit strength, durability, and also boost the appearance of the pooch. So, handmade leather collars are your best decision for your beloved puppy when you purchase them sincerely.


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