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15 Handsome Men Who Were Once Women Are Winning Hearts Online

By Andrew Alpin, 30 June 2018


In 2015, the first Trans contestant to win a Top Model cycle worldwide was Loiza Lamers, who was crowned Holland’s Next Top Model. That was a remarkable change made in the history of fashion. Nowadays, the covers of fashion magazines and on fashion runaways all around the world are covered with Transmen and women, thus changing the face of beauty. As humanity slowly remerges from bigotry and narrow perceptions of thought, Transpeople and those from the LGBT communities have more opportunities to be part of major events by virtue of their talent without questioning their identity. Here are 15 incredibly handsome Transmen who have broken conventional standards of beauty and are as handsome as they were when women.

1Balian Buschbaum

The Olympic German pole vaulter, Yvonne Buschbaum, in 2007, had retired from the sport because he wanted to change his gender by going through reassignment surgery. It was a well considered decision according to Balian. In a national Geographic Television series known as “Changing Gender”, he announced that he felt that he had been in the wrong body since childhood and had an ambition to change it. Balian Buschbaum appeared on Dancing with the Stars, in Germany in 2013. His image is very often printed on magazines and he now works as a life coach.

Balian Buschbaum

Image Source: www.bullesociale.fr

2Chaz Bono

The name Bono rings a tone in our ear when we hear it. Chaz is the only child of famous music artistes Salvatore Sonny Bono and Cher. Chastity Bono was born in 1969 and appeared as a little girl on his parent’s comedy show. He used to work as an actor, media director and writer for Gay & Lesbian Alliance again Defamation (GLAAD) till the year 2000. He started his physical transition from female to male in the year 2008 and released a film “Becoming Chaz”, in which he shared his experiences of the situation.

Chaz Bono

Image Source: read01.com

3Buck Angel


One of the living legends and famous icons of the LGBT community is Buck Angel. He was born a girl named Susan who worked professionally as a female model and hid his secret for years. One of the main problems in his life was his confusion in gender which pressurized him a lot, eventually leading to substance abuse. The only way for him to start a new life was to have a gender reassignment surgery.

In 2007, in the Adult Video News Awards, Transsexual Buck won the category of Performer of the Year Award. He now works as an advocate, lecturer, writer and model in his own adult films production company.

Buck Angel

Image Source: www.bullesociale.fr

4Lucas Silveira

Famous Canadian rock musician and composer- Lucas Silveira was born a girl with the name Lilia Silveira. Lucas confessed to his family that he changed into a transgender man in the year 2004. Now he is an LGBT activist and also the frontman of the band “The Cliks Rock Band”. According to Canada’s premier music magazine, the sexiest Canadian Man award was given to Silveira in 2010. He was also the first transgender man to gain the title.

Lucas Silveira

Image Source: detsood.com


American Rapper and producer, Rocco Kayiatos, with the stage name Katastrophe, is the first transman artist in the genre of hip-hop. In 1998, Rocco had been awarded 1st position in a youth speaks poetry slam contest, and since then he started working towards his career. Apart from being a singer he also works as a model and actor.


Image Source: www.bullesociale.fr

Here is another shot of Katastrophe which is a selfie picture.

Jamie Wilson

Image Source: www.bullesociale.fr


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