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15 Handsome Men Who Were Once Women Are Winning Hearts Online

By Andrew Alpin, 30 June 2018


11Ian Harvie

Ian Harvie is famous for his standup comedy and often uses his own transgender material in his act. He has also performed with popular standup comedian and TV actress Margaret Cho and several celebrities. Harvie is a well respected figure in the LGBT community.

Ryan Sallans

12Ryan Sallans

Ryan Sallans was first Kimberly Ann Sallans till he decided on changing to a male. He is an advocate for LGBT rights and also delivers public speeches throughout the US educating people on transgender issues and to revamp the health care system. His transition was completed in 2005 and was featured on Larry King Live.

Andreas Krieger

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13Andreas Krieger


Andreas Krieger was initially a female shot putter for East Germany. Without his knowledge he was pumped with anabolic steroids that created a more masculine appearance for him. His attitude too changed and in 1997 he finally changed by reassignment surgery to become a male.

Kinnon Mackinnon

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14Kinnon Mackinnon

Kinnon Ross Mackinnon is a transgender powerlifter who was born a female. Born in Nova Scotia and living in Toronto, Mackinnon has always been an avid sportsperson competing in disciplines like golf, soccer, skiing and snowboarding.

Malcolm Rene Ribot

Image Source: www.advocate.com

15 Malcolm Rene Ribot

Malcolm Rene Ribot was previously a female after which he changed. He is now an avid explorer and traveler and is popularly known online under the handle “Gorilla Shrimp”. He has explored al of America and touched both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and has visited all the states of the US.

Malcolm Rene Ribot

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