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20 Genius Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life Much Easy And Comfortable

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 14 May 2018


There are different types of people in this world; some make an excuse of their problems and always cry or complain about it while few others ponder and make efforts to find solutions to their problems. Individuals with high creativity levels are the ones who never tend to give up and if they don’t have proper resources, they try to work with the existing ones and get rid of issues.

Usually, we are habitual of throwing those items in dustbin which we think are of no use to us. However in reality, every item or thing has more value than what we perceive; we just need to open the windows of our brain to understand how to use them and in what manner, to make the most of it without having to spend a lot of money.

Here we are going to tell you about 20 genius hacks which can make your life easy:

1Wonderful use of tires

If you have old tires lying useless in the garage, you need to check out this method of converting them in beautiful yet simple ottoman. This can prove to be of a great use when your house needs more furniture for guests to sit but you don’t have enough money. Old tires can be arranged at low cost and the other material that has been used is also not costly. So, make lovely ottomans and welcome your guests with a big smile!

 Wonderful use of tires

Image Source: tasteoftulum.me

2Save your clothes while gardening

If you love gardening but are fed up of your clothes getting dirty, you just need two plastic bags that are big enough to get wrapped around your knees so that when you sit on your knees while gardening, your clothes don’t get dirty. Nice, easy and cost-effective method, isn’t it?

Save your clothes while gardening

Image Source: brightside.me

3An earring holder that is damn stylish


You just need to remove the glass from an old photo frame and fix the ends of hanging wire on both the sides. Now you can hang your earrings on the wire and you can hang more wires depending on your requirement. Believe us, your colorful earrings will look great and an old photo frame would be put to a proper use.

Earring holder

Image Source: www.patrasevents.gr

4Cushion covers from old shirts

Old shirts keep on hanging in our cupboard for a long time despite the fact that we have stopped wearing them. You can use them in a beautiful manner by making cushion cover from them which may look simple yet elegant. Just cut their arms, button them up, place them on the cushions and sew properly. You can do the same thing with pillows as well.

Cushion covers

Image Source: ontslog.com

5Using rubber bands to stop clothes from falling

Falling of clothes from hangers is a very common problem but it can be solved if rubber bands are stuck at the end of hangers. It will stop clothes from getting slipped from the sides and they won’t fall. Now we can be sure that the crease of the clothes won’t get spoiled as it used to earlier after falling down.

Using rubber bands

Image Source: www.trucsetbricolages.net


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