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5 Quick facts about Super Typhoon Lan heading towards Japan

By Shruti Kaushik, 22 October 2017


Typhoon Lan or Super Typhoon Lan, speculated to be the biggest typhoon to hit earth is rapidly intensifying into a monstrous form. As per the reports, the typhoon since Thursday night has gained Category 4 status this Saturday morning (Japan time). Typhoon Lan, now a Super Typhoon is continuously advancing into a deadlier form, thanks to its favourable environment and has sustained winds of around 150 miles per hour. The storm is heading towards the heavily populated areas of Japan according to satellite reports. Here’s a quick fact sheet of the earth’s mightiest typhoon:

1Category 4 hurricane

Typhoon Lan is at present awarded with a Category 4 title in the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific ocean according to Accuweather. With its rapid progression in wind speed and power, it is heading northwards i.e. towards Japan. According to reports, Typhoon might hit the southernmost coast of central Honshu on Sunday night (Japan time). So far no evacuation announcement has been released as authorities still wait for Typhoon’s progression.

Category 4 hurricane

Image Source: www.timeinc.net

2Typhoon Lan has a gigantic eye of 50 miles in diameter

The typhoon will make a landfall on Tuesday morning as per Accuweather and at time it will be of Category 1 or 2. Still residents are alerted and warned to be prepared for an untimely collision.


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