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5 Quick facts about Super Typhoon Lan heading towards Japan

By Shruti Kaushik, 22 October 2017


3Latest update of Typhoon Lan progress

October 21, Saturday at 6 PM (Japan time)- Typhoon Lan continues to move away from Okinawa. This means that the Island will be spared from the Typhoon’s wrath on Saturday night and Sunday as well.

Typhoon Lan

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4Political Effect of Typhoon Lan

Fortunately the worst of Typhoon Lan will be offshore but still the rains will continue to pour on Sunday which can lead to mudslides and flooding starting from Kyushu to southern and western part of Honshu. This would lead to road closures and traffic disruptions further disordering the election process. However, voters can come in early and cast their vote as the weather conditions will deteriorate during the day. Also, as a result of possible high tide sporadic power outages can happen.

The upcoming Party of Hope led by famous Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike can suffer at the hands of the mighty typhoon. Tomoaki Iwai who is a political science professor in Nihon University in an interview said: "Voters with no party affiliation tend not to go and vote (under the bad weather). So, parties that are dependent on the general mood of the voters at a given time, like the Party of Hope, are set to suffer" Well it cannot be assumed how much loss the Typhoon Lan would bring to the places it chooses to strike. Only precautions can be taken to safeguard one self from the natural disaster.

political effect of typhoon lan

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