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Which Exercises Should You Do According To Your Age To Remain Fit And Healthy?

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 28 June 2018


11Age 30-39


Losing weight will become difficult in this age group and exercise is the best preventive method that one can use to counterweight problems. The body slows down in comparison to earlier times but still, you can continue with the cardio exercises such as jogging, walking, cycling and other exercises but do remember to take a break and exercise maximum 6 days a week. Those who want to stay fit but are no longer interested in continuing with gym can opt for aerobics or play games like badminton, tennis, etc.

Age 30-39

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12Age 40-49


In this age group, a person can continue with the cardio exercises but it will be better if the intensity is reduced and breaks in a week are increased from one to two. Balancing exercises should also be included in the fitness regime as body finds it difficult to maintain correct postures. Yoga can be pretty helpful as it will bring results without exerting pressure on the body.

Cardio exercises

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13Age 50 and above


This is the age when a human body gets troubled the most by diseases like high or low blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, etc., so it is highly advisable to maintain a fitness regime. Walking, gardening and yoga can be practiced regularly but an individual should keep in mind that he doesn’t cross the limits because if any injury takes place, it will be difficult for the body to heal.

Age 50 and above

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Here are some exercises which you can do when you reach the age group of 50 and above:



This form of exercise is so effective that doing it for even five minutes every day is enough to remain fit. The benefits of aerobics include reducing blood pressure, burning calories, taking care of joints, improving the health of heart, increasing the body’s energy levels and making sure that cholesterol levels are in control.


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15Raise your hands' exercise


Raising your hands and keeping them in this position will improve blood circulation and maintain the strength of upper body. This exercise can be done while sitting or standing; raise your hands slowly and keep them like this for few seconds and then bring them down slowly. Simple exercises can also be effective if done regularly.

Raise your hands exercise

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