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Which Exercises Should You Do According To Your Age To Remain Fit And Healthy?

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 28 June 2018


6Going for a jog


This is one of the simplest ways to keep fit as jogging is all about running slowly for long distances. The main objective of jogging is to increase the personal strength without putting much pressure on the body. A person can jog in the open or join the gym and run on treadmill, depending on his choice.

Going for a jog

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7Points to remember


Before starting to jog, walk a little briskly in order to warm up the muscles. Drink water before you leave for a jog and if you are going to jog for a long distance, do keep a bottle of water with you. Be dressed properly as per the climate if you are jogging in the open and do keep some cash and phone if needed in case of emergency.

Points to remember

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8Learn kickboxing


Learning a martial art such as kickboxing can also be a great method for remaining fit and it will also make you capable of self-defense. Kickboxing is a combat sport which is made by mixing the characteristics of both karate and boxing. It will serve the purpose of getting a lean body while making it fit and strong.

Learn kickboxing

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Spinning or indoor cycling is also a great option to burn some unwanted calories as this intensive cardio not only lets your heart race fast but also makes your body sweat heavily. Ultimately it will result in weight loss apart from boosting the strength of upper body and leg muscles.


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10Fitness boot camp


Fitness boot camp requires a lot of energy and strength and people of age group 20-29 yrs have both of these in abundance which makes them suitable for this. These camps are high-intensity group physical training programs that cover many activities within a stipulated time period, mostly one hour.

Fitness boot camp

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