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17 Embarrassing Encounters That Reveal Why Airport Security Is Absolutely the Worst

By Andrew Alpin, 7 July 2019


Airport TSA security may be essential for the security of any country but you have to agree that sometimes they demand the weirdest of things which end up making security personnel appear as people with a total lack of decency and consideration for people. Sometimes, even if it is uncalled for, they may force you to undergo the most embarrassing and awkward of body searches and some actually get a sadistic thrill out of it too. Many may relate to the images below and agree that airport security encounters can be one of the most embarrassing experiences.

1 I’m not a doctor sir

This is one of the weirdest images you will see in respect to a TSA search. It appears that the security has obviously asked the man to drop his pants and seems to be looking at his package instead as if the guy may be having gonorrhoea or something .He seems to be inspecting and saying, “Sorry sir, I can assume your condition, you need to see a doctor.”

I’m not a doctor sir

Image Source: twimg.com

2Now that’s a real terrorist

Sometimes searches can be absurd and totally without any justification. It seems TSA agents are so robotic in their jobs that have lost their ability to be rational. Can this old wheel chair ridden woman be a terrorist eligible for that kind of search? It is downright silly to do so.

Now that’s a real terrorist

Image Source: twentytwowords.com

3The sexiest airport in the world?


This was posted by a Redditor who write the caption “I thought this was a little odd. Then I saw the girls behind her and think that this is either the sexiest airport in the world or staged.” He isn’t wrong at all, something looks odd here or coincidence may be at play here with a queue of the hottest gals lining up for a search.

The sexiest airport in the world?

Image Source: cafemomstatic.com

4The weird search

Now, this is as embarrassing as it gets. As a male, don’t you just hate it when a male security guard starts checking you so thoroughly that his hands end up in all the wrong places, it is enough to make you wince and feel as uncomfortable as possible? Is it neccessar6y to do that MR security guy?

The weird search

Image Source: cafemomstatic.com


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