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17 Embarrassing Encounters That Reveal Why Airport Security Is Absolutely the Worst

By Andrew Alpin, 7 July 2019


5Strange touches

This is the most common experience faced by most people. When the security insists on a complete check up and will run their hands all over your body, this is the classic reaction once they come too close to your privates and you go like Hey!!! WTF. One wonders what exactly may be going through their minds to at that moment.

Strange touches

6Now we’ve seen everything

If there is one category of people who can’t really be bothered bait such extensive and embarrassing searches it is teens like the guy in the image. For once, it may be the security guy on the receiving end of embarrassment and by looking at the picture, I’m sure you can see why.

Now we’ve seen everything

Image Source: twentytwowords.com

7The leg massaging security


Don’t you wonder what exactly the security guy is up to? There seem to be all kinds of TSA agents. There are those who love the body search, goodness how many may like a cavity search and then there is the tailor type of guy who just loves the leg massage and will continue to do so as long as he likes.

The leg massaging security


8This is hilarious

One sometimes wonders if TSA agents are for real and why do they do the things that they do. This may seem weird but the picture is also hilarious because of the expression on the mini guy’s face. Obviously, it seems the TSA agent has touched him on a raw spot and he seems to be going like Whoa!!! Watch it there big man, that’s my ass you’re touching.

This is hilarious

Image Source: static.com


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