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12 Effective Moves That Can Cut The Back and Underarm Fat In No Time

By Jatin Sharma, 4 March 2017


5Bent over double arm triceps kickbacks

With a pair of medium weight dumbbells in each handstand with chest, out and body braced and bent forward at the hips till your upper body is almost parallel to the floor. Keep your back flat. Now start pushing the dumbbells backward and behind you in a semi-circular motion. When dumbbells meet at the back, pause to contract your triceps. Lower the dumbbells and repeat 2-3 sets of 8 reps each. 

Double arm triceps kickbacks

Image Source: www.healthyandhappygroup.com

6Pick-up squat

With feet shoulder width apart, stand facing two dumbbells placed on the floor. Now lower your body in a squat with back straight. With an overhand grip, hold the dumbbells but keep arms fully extended. Return to a standing position holding the dumbbells. Don’t make your back rounded but keep straight. Again return the dumbbell to the floor using the squat. Do this for 2-3 sets and 6 reps. 

Pick-up squat

Image Source: www.healthyandhappygroup.com

7Dumbbell floor chest press


Grip two dumbbells in both hands. Lie on your back with knees bent and feet moved back towards your butt. Now hold your forearms above you with the dumbbells in each hand and upper arms placed on the floor. Now extend your arms straight up over your chest and pause the position for a while so you can feel the contraction in chest muscles. Bring your arms down and after a few seconds repeat again. Do this 2 -3 sets for 3 reps. 

Dumbbell floor chest press

Image Source: www.fitnesspro2u.com

8Goblet Squats 

Take a heavier single dumbbell and hold with both palms up to your chest. Stand straight with feet slightly apart. Now perform a squat with back a bit arched. Your hips should be pushed slightly back. Now make a squat till thighs are parallel to the floor. Hold for a second and repeat again. Do this for 2 sets and 6-8 reps. 

Goblet Squats

Image Source: chapal.us


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