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12 Effective Moves That Can Cut The Back and Underarm Fat In No Time

By Jatin Sharma, 4 March 2017


9Commando rows

Take two dumbbells and place them on the floor shoulder width apart. Now holding the dumbbells, adopt the push-up position. Grip the dumbbells firmly, keep your back straight and legs parallel to the floor. Your legs can also be spread apart a bit more than shoulder width but support your weight with your toes. Now start the rows with one dumbbell at a time rowing upwards and alternating arms. Be constant with breathing during this exercise as it will really pump you up. When you have finished both arms, it counts as a1 rep. You can start with 4 sets 8 reps and work your way up. 

Commando rows

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10Power partials

With back straight, stand with your feet slight apart preferably at shoulder width. Take a dumbbell in each hand. Now grip the dumbbells with palms facing towards your body and placed by your sides. Now lift both arms similar to the fly workout. Exhale and lift them to shoulder position. Hold for a second or two before resuming to the start position. Inhale while doing so. Perform 3 sets of 15 reps.

Power partials

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11Triceps press


Take two dumbbells in each hand. Sand straight and extend both arms straight up over your head. Keep arms close to either side of your head. Now lower on your forearms backward till they are parallel to the floor. Then move it again up to the start position. Exhale while doing so. Do 15 reps of 1 set. 

Triceps press

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12Single straight leg dumbbell deadlift

Again take two dumbbells in each hand and stand straight. Now shift your body weight to your right foot and slowly lean forward moving your left leg upwards behind you. Your body should form a cross. Keep your back straight. While performing the movement, both arms should be extended straight down in front of you. Move slowly and be in control of your descent. You should feel your hamstrings contracting. Now return to the starting position and you can do this with the alternate leg. Perform this routine by combining these workouts every day and you will soon notice the difference. 

Single straight leg dumbbell deadlift

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