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Six Different Types Of Body Fat And How You Can Get Rid Of Them

By Andrew Alpin, 20 January 2018


Getting rid of fat is by far one of the most irritating and hardest things to do. There are countless of articles on the internet each advocating some remedy or the other but don’t you find many of them robotic in nature. Hot gals and guys pumping iron, telling you to hit the gym regularly, yet no one gives you specific information of what you need to do to rid yourself of those obese love handles or underarm fat, upper body fat and abdominal fat (the worst kind) to name a few. The fact that you are a working person, a homemaker or a businessperson hardly gives you time for such things unless of course you have the most accurate information at your fingertips minus all the hype.

Different types of body fat, which is yours

There are different types of excess weight in relation to a particular body type as mentioned above. Understanding how each part of your body gains fat is the key to losing it. Not always will your fat be a cause of weight gain from diet, it could be a hormonal problem too. Regardless of that here are the reasons for the most common type of body fat and how to reduce types of body fat.

Different types of body fat, which is yours

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#How we gain fat

The most basic explanation for the layman to understand how you gain fat is simple. Calories and more calories. Your body needs a certain amount of calories everyday to burn and produce energy for your physical activity. The more the activity, the more calories you burn, But when you start piling on the calories more than your body can burn, the excess gets stored as fat. Abdominal fat is the easiest fat to gain and the hardest to lose as you shall read below.

How we gain fat

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1Full upper body fat


The reason for upper body fat:

This is usually because of excess calories, no physical activity and overeating. This ultimately leads to obesity. Consuming a diet higher in carbs, sugary foods and processed meats lead to quick weight gain making you unhealthy. Besides the most common reason for poor diet and lifestyle, there are many other factors that can lead to upper abdominal fat or visceral fat.

Full upper body fat

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The domino effect and how obesity gives you fatigue

The more you lead a sedentary lifestyle the fewer your body manufactures your fat burning cells called mitochondria which are the energy stores of the body. Lack of energy then causes fatigue and tiredness, once you start getting active, your body realizes it needs more energy and starts to manufacture mitochondria for storing energy. This is why once you start exercising or are physically active, you feel energetic and vibrant.

The domino effect and how obesity gives you fatigue

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