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Scientists Explain 12 True Signs To Determine If A Person Is Intelligent

By KK Angus, 24 March 2018


9Are your ears too sensitive?

Are you more affected by surrounding sounds and noises than others? University of Helsinki found out in a study that a person who finds it hard to ignore background noises or disturbances are smarter and have more IQ. People even found a term for the condition which makes one more sensitive to even soft noises and it's called misophonia.

sensitive ear

Image Source: Livestrong.com

10Ring finger > Index finger

Did you know a Norwegian study found out that the people with longer ring fingers, which is the third finger, in the left hand, are generally fast learners and problem fixers? In fact, there IQs can be higher too. A few months ago, a Cambridge university study concluded the same, that if a person’s ring finger is longer than the index finger, which is the first finger, that person (in most cases, at least) is financially better off and more tech savvy.

Ring finger > Index finger

Image Source: youtube.com

11More anxiety - more intelligence?


Did you know that it has been proved by several studies that smarter people, especially those with a keen sense of perception can be more afflicted by self doubt and anxiety. Several scientists have claimed over the years that people who are more intellectually sound tend to overanalyze their past and the problems of the past, and think about ways of not repeating them. This obviously tends to give any person a case of anxiety and the person also questions his improvement. Thus, if you notice, people with higher IQs are also the ones who are more prone to stress.

More anxiety - more intelligence

Image Source: www.theatlantic.com

12Do you use bad words?

Swearing or cursing is actually a sign that you are more intelligent than your peers as quite simply, you have a keener sense of a problematic situation and are rightly affected by it. Scientists have noticed over the years, that people who swear at being faced by tough situations are actually more likely to be problem solvers and fast thinkers.

Swearing or cursing

Image Source: metro.co.uk


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