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This 30 Day DeClutter Challenge Will Help You Clean Out and Organize Your Home

By Andrew Alpin, 18 April 2018


You may have read about the 21-day anxiety challenge on this website a week ago about how super mommy Liz Nieman worked out for herself a 30-day activity list that helps get rid of anxiety and depression. Well, here’s another great piece of advice from Liz about how cluttering around the house can actually be traumatic.

1Clutter brings negative energy

As we see it, a cluttered house oozes negative energy. Moreover, the very sight of clutter is overwhelming and feels as if it may take you weeks to restore your home back to order. No one likes a cluttered house but invariably lack of time, irresponsible children or family members may leave your house in such a mess that you might just get depressed about it. So what do you do? 

Clutter brings negative energy

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2The best way to declutter your home

The only way to declutter your home is to get back on track, stop wringing your hands each time you look at it, wipe those tears of frustration away and make up your mind to do something about it. Take the declutter challenge that requires you to perform activities one day at a time till your house is clutter free by the end of 30 days. As fast as your house was cluttered, that fast it will also be de-cluttered. So without further ado, here is the 30 day declutter challenge.

 best way to declutter your home

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3Days 1 and 2


Empty out your junk from one drawer Purge your closet of the clothes and items you don’t wear Lost every household has this problem where we store junk in our drawers and in spite of clothes that don’t fit us anymore; we just allow them to remain in the closet. Get rid of them now. 

Empty out your junk

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4Days 3 and 4

Go through your movie collection

Clean out your television stand

This is common for many homes where you may find old DVDs that are damaged and you may not need anymore. With the thousands of movie titles available on torrent and free movie websites, you should chuck out the common titles and keep those that are too valuable and nostalgic to you. Take a look at your TV stand. It is sure to be an untidy bunch of tangled wires. Get rid of the cables not need and use cable fasteners to keep cables neatly. Make sure it is dust free too. 

movie collection Clean out

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5Day 5 and 6

Go through your mail pile

Clean off your kitchen table

Clean out your useless mail and your kitchen table of all useless junk. 

Go through your mail pile

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