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COVID-19 Booster Shot Is A Scam, World Health Organization (WHO) Asks Nations To Stop It

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 22 November 2021


9The degree of risk


As per the findings of a British study, the risk of losing life because of virus in this pandemic is 32 times higher for a non-vaccinated person rather than for a vaccinated person. This finding is more than enough for us to understand the importance of getting vaccinated.

The degree of risk

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10New variants


The threat of COVID-19 is still not over as new variants are getting discovered in some nations of the world and what is more worrisome is that these new variants are more powerful and harmful than the older one.

New variants

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11Even if you are vaccinated


A considerable part of the world population has got vaccinated and majority of the governments have also given relaxation in the restrictions but it is pretty important for all of us to remain careful and don't give the virus any chance to tumble our lives once again.

Even if you are vaccinated

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12Follow safety guidelines properly


We should still follow the safety guidelines such as wearing masks when going outdoors, avoiding crowded places, washing hands regularly and using sanitizers. Following the safety protocols is the need of the hour and we should not only understand it but also follow it religiously.

Follow safety guidelines properly

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Do you agree with the WHO chief that administering COVID-19 booster shots is a scam, do share your views.


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