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COVID-19 Booster Shot Is A Scam, World Health Organization (WHO) Asks Nations To Stop It

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 22 November 2021


5To those who need it most


WHO states that it is very important for everyone on the planet to get vaccinated for which it has to be ensured that the vaccine reaches to those who needed them the most. It is being observed that the number of booster shots given all over the world are six times more than the primary doses given in the poor countries.

To those who need it most

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6Nations are not listening


As per WHO, many countries are still administering these booster shots to the vaccinated public despite the fact that the WHO has repeatedly asked them to stop it till this year end so that the vaccines can be saved for the citizens of poor nations.

Nations are not listening

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7WHO Chief states


Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus further said that it is not just about how many have been vaccinated, it is also about who have been vaccinated because the medical staff, senior citizens and people who are at higher risk need to be vaccinated before the booster shots are administered to the vaccinated people.

WHO Chief states

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8Warning by WHO


WHO has issued a warning stating that even in those countries where a huge part of the population has been vaccinated, the medical system can still collapse if a big part of the high-risk population is still unvaccinated.

Warning by WHO

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